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How do we create our future?

(originally published in Spanish in 2020)

The whole world is in crisis and nobody knows how this story will end. After reading different analyses by scientists, economists, epidemiologists, politicians, and others, everyone seems to agree that this situation will last for some time. Some speak of months. Others speak of years. What is certain is that it is very unlikely that what we used to call "normal" will return exactly as it was.

There is talk that the way we socialize will change forever. It is said that the way we will be able to move around the world will not be the same. It is clear that our civil rights in terms of freedoms have been radically affected, and there are those who fear that we will never fully regain them. However, within this chaos, there are opportunities.

A crisis is always a wake-up call, which can lead us to ruin, or to rebirth. And we must choose, it is now, it is the moment. Would you like to take advantage of it to change forever your habits of consumerism? What if we come out of this trap with an improved capacity to be, releasing forever the need to always do? Is it possible that so much time with our relatives will make us face and resolve issues that will leave us lighter and more capable of forgiving and loving? Is this a deep and intense invitation to value more each moment we are alive?

Everything that has come into existence in the material world was first a dream. I invite us to dream the world in which we want to wake up. Let us dream together a world where our lives are more in harmony with our home - the planet Earth. Let us all dream of a daily life based on awareness of the impact not only of our actions, but also of our emotions, on the environment and on our own bodies.

Let us dream, and take a firm step towards this future today. Being at home is a good time to daydream, imagining, visualizing, breathing, feeling, creating, believing, knowing... that a better world is possible.

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